PE 500 Natural HMWPE (Polyethylene) Sheet

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PE 500 Grade natural pressed and plained polyethylene is an industrial plastic material.

Material Characteristics:

  • Machines and fabricates well (very stable to machine)
  • Food safe – FDA approved
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Working temperature of -50°c to + 80°c
  • Good electrical insulation


  • General mechanical engineering
  • Sliding and conveyor elements
  • Inflatable seal housings
  • Change parts and conveyor wear parts
  • Fine screen plastics
  • Food chopping and cutting boards
  • Chemical tanks/chemical bunds
  • Chute lining

Please click on services if you require any of the above engineering work. To purchase this material in sheet 10mm thick to 150mm thick please choose from the options below.