Acetal Metal Detectable Pom-C (Polyacetal) Sheet

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Blue Metal Detectable (Polyacetal Co-polymer)


Metal detectable Blue Pom-C Acetal is an engineering plastic with an added filler making it metal detectable. Excellent machinability and dimensional stability with low moisture absorption.

As suppliers of Blue Metal Detectable POM- C Acetal we stock both Rod and Sheet stock shapes. Being FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, this is most suitable for applications where contact with Food is a concern.

Blue Metal Detectable Acetal can be easily traced by metal detection systems used in Food processing and packaging industries to stop the contamination of food stuffs.

Material Characteristics:

  • Metal Detectable
  • FDA Approved
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good sliding properties & wear resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Blue for food production applications


  • Precision acetal parts
  • Rollers, bearings, bushes & gears
  • Acetal change parts and star wheels
  • Metal detectable Acetal conveyor wear strips and guides
  • Blue Pom-C Acetal seal housings
  • Metal detectable Acetal high performance moving parts

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